The chiropractor you’ll see…

Dr. Scott Brady's parents moved to Vernal when he was just a baby. After graduating from Uintah High School, he served a 2-year mission for his church in Southern Alabama and the panhandle of Florida. Afterwards, he studied Neuroscience at BYU, met and married his sweetheart Janae, & moved to Dallas, Texas to attend Parker College of Chiropractic. His family's road soon led back to Vernal, where he & Janae have enjoyed raising their two children, Pratt & Bridget.

Dr. Brady's undergraduate major in Neuroscience is what led him to Chiropractic, and even further into the Upper Cervical model of care. At first, he was curious yet skeptical about this specialized model of chiropractic. After investigating extensively, his background in the nervous system led him to embrace this model of care and practice using the NUCCA method (National Upper Cervical Chiropractic Association). That did not stop the process of discovery, however, and he later became aware of and trained in the QSM3 method (Quantum Spinal Mechanics). He is now one of only a few chiropractors in Utah using this procedure to gently correct the cause of chronic pain.

…and the procedure you’ll experience…

Dr. Brady sees your spine and skeleton as a whole structure, connected from head to toe. When your condition first developed, it may have been a result of your skeletal structure (picture a stick-man) being off balance, unlevel, and twisted. This will always cause stress points in your body, leading to pain, and ultimately some "condition" with a fancy Latin name diagnosis.

Now again, picture yourself as a "stick-man"..... Since your skeletal structure went "out of balance" as a whole, this procedure will align and correct your stick-man structure as a whole. The only concern is if your body is out of place, not which specific bone is out of place. If this structural imbalance is found to be the underlying cause of your condition, you will be adjusted to correct the problem, not adjusted to chase a symptom. In the end, you win, because your condition will resolve while you're also left with a healthier, more stable spine that leaves you in better shape long after your initial care takes place.

That is the story of QSM3 (Quantum Spinal Mechanics); the balancing and unwinding of your skeletal stick-man, using gentle, comfortable adjustments that don't involve any forceful twisting or cracking of your spine. This is a fantastic treatment for those who are not comfortable with typical chiropractic adjustments or feel their body is too tight or in too much pain for conventional chiropractic.