Q&A: “So what in the world do you actually do?”

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Hi, again. You know I keep telling people “Well I don’t do any forceful twisting or popping when I adjust,” and what a lot of people are asking is “Well, what do you do then? I’ve been to the chiropractor, I know when he twists my joints and pops my joints and I know what that is. If you don’t that, what is it?”

So here is how it works. I don’t do any forceful twisting or popping, what I’m doing is just brushing ligaments and tendons on the side of your neck. Right here — 95% of what I do. This is my world.

So here is the thing, you, or anyone that is dealing with trauma, or at any time in life, at some point your shoulders got off balance, your hips got twisted, maybe your head is a little to the side, little bits… What we are dealing with then is all up and down our body, in our twisted, un-centered position we’ve got, from left to right, we’ve got muscles on one side that are a little longer than they should be, muscles on one side they are a little shorter than they should be, so they are imbalanced all the way up and down and your body starts locking down. Your body starts locking into that chronic position.

That sounds funny but here is what is going on. When you are straight and square, you versus gravity, you win, no problem. But as soon as you’re off center that’s where all of a sudden gravity can really start to work a number on you. So when we get twisted and bent up gravity is trying to crush you like a pop can so all these little muscles, some are a little too long, some are a little too tight, but they’re just kind of trying to lock down your messed up chronic imbalanced frame because they don’t want us to scrunch down even further.

However, in that process, they keep us also from being up and open, the way we are designed to be. This is where your body heals and feels good.

So using a pattern of pressure, I’ll stretch and work with muscles and tendons on the sides of your neck. This allows certain tight muscles to let go; it talks to certain receptors that are in the tendons and muscles and when certain tight muscles let go the body pops open, and that is how we adjust people without using twisting or popping.

It helps the body to learn there is an easier way to hold yourself up against gravity. It doesn’t take as much energy and it doesn’t lead to chronic long term problems. If you think this may be interesting to you feel free to give me a call, shoot me a text or send me an email, we’ll make it very easy to see if this is the right type of care for you, because it’s not for everyone. The people that it is for, it works great. Again feel free to give me a call, shoot me a text or send me an email. I’m Dr. Scott Brady here at Uplift Spinal Care in Vernal.

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