Does This Work During Pregnancy?

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I was asked if what I do works with pregnant ladies. The short answer is yes.

I’m a chiropractor. Chiropractors see pregnant ladies. If they hurt, going to a chiropractor often helps. I have changed the tune that I sing, though. I used to think that perhaps they would fit in the same box, a pregnant lady would fit in the same box, as someone else who’s had a chronic long-term issue.

So I work with people that have chronic, long-term issues generally, and it’s typically because, you know, their shoulders are twisted, their hips are bent, they carry more weight on the right side or left side, and they’ve been like that a long time and don’t even realize it. And over time things wear out and something starts to hurt. So that’s what I typically work with. The thing with pregnant ladies is, their “issue,” their current condition is not a long-term chronic thing like what I just described.

Their belly is growing over five, six, seven months. And there are hormones in the body that are loosening joints. So people are walking differently, and they’re sitting differently, and so the pain might even be moving or might be getting worse because they are sitting some way and they’re carrying more weight than they’re used to and that’s why it finally hurts when it didn’t hurt before pregnancy.

But rather than just trying to get them straight and square and go through this long-term regimented thing, really I’m just trying to shake up the body. If they hurt in this posture I’m just trying to adjust them enough to where it shifts a little and it doesn’t hurt. And in two or three or four weeks, they’re gonna be growing anyway, and shifting and sitting differently anyway, and if that hurts, we’re gonna adjust it. And you’re just gonna kind of keep wiggling that body, make sure it’s not settling into any painful postures, until at month nine, you have a beautiful new baby and most of the time the issue that the lady has been experiencing has resolved anyway.

So, I hope that answers that question. Yes, it totally helps, but it’s just because we’re trying to wiggle and shift and move and groove with the punches, roll with the punches. And if something hurts we’re going to adjust it a little bit and it’s going to shift out of that position just enough to help her feel better until the baby is born.

I’m Dr. Scott Brady here at Uplift Spinal Care in Vernal. Feel free to give me a call or shoot me a text if you have any questions.

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