Happy People Heal Better

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I recently had a patient come into the office and ask me if I have ever eaten quail eggs before. She then surprised me by bringing some eggs in so I can take them home to my family and share with them.

What she shared isn’t nearly as important as why she did it. Do you go out of your way to do something nice for other people? Do you express gratitude and generosity to others?

So this is a lady who is — she generally smiles, she is generally loved by the people she knows, she is generally optimistic in life. She has done really well under care here in the office and, while, if you ask me, in my opinion, the type of care I provide is pretty awesome, it only gets part of the credit because happy people heal better!

So when you have an attitude of gratitude it opens a doorway to very literal benefits in your life. When I was a kid growing up on Saturday mornings they would have a cartoon called G.I. Joe and at the end of every single episode they would say , “Knowing is half the battle.” And I tell you, when it comes to healing and overcoming physical challenges, when you have an attitude of being happy, thankful & generous in your time with others, it literally is half the battle.

I’m Dr. Scott Brady here at Uplift Spinal Care in Vernal – Go do something nice for someone, empower yourself in the process.

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