Health Can Be Like A Rusty Car

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I had a discussion recently with a patient, and we were talking about how this really takes time, right? To get people feeling better, and to fix things with our body. And in the conversation the thought occurred to me, it’s really like a car, you know?

I’m not a big automotive type of guy, but there are these guys that love to restore cars. So they have one that’s all bent out of shape, it’s all bent up, and dents, and maybe even rusty and rusted out parts of the body, and they take this car, and they have to repaint it, they have to fill the dents and hammer out the dents, and buff it and shine it and polish it. And at the end it’s beautiful, but it took a lot of time to get there. And you can really contrast that with getting a car bent out of shape. You know that happens really fast. Any of you who have teenagers that were just learning to drive might have experienced that.

So, when we are looking at restoring a body to somewhere where it feels better, it works better, it feels better for the long term, it is a long-term game. There is time involved. So this thought occurred to me that really “fixing” a body is like restoring a car. Takes time, takes investment, at the end, it is beautiful and worth it. But it does not happen as fast as sometimes messing up a body can happen.

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