Should Chiropractors “Use The Force?”

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Not long ago when a gentleman came in to see me for the first time, we sat down, we had the typical conversation that I do when I meet with someone the first time where we go over what we’re really trying to accomplish here. How what I do is going to work with what you’re dealing with and what our ultimate goal is about helping you heal and feel better, and that that is a process, and here’s what is the backdrop of that process.

Later that night (that night or the next day) he called me and said “You know I really enjoyed that, it made a lot of sense, what you’re explaining. But you know what? You really probably could have just said ‘By persuasion, not force.’” He said “Yep, that’s how I’d coin it. You should just explain to people that you are trying to help the body by persuasion, not force.”

And so if you think about the way you like being dealt with, I really want to come across that way, and not only in how I adjust and how I work with people to help make them feel better, but also just in how I work with you in the office. I never want you to feel forced. I want to hopefully help persuade you to do the right thing to do something that would be beneficial for you in your life, but it will not be forceful.

And so, just in that little experience, recalling that the way I am adjusting is we’re trying to help the body, we’re trying to persuade the body back to where it knows it should be. Or maybe it’s just forgotten where it needs to be. Rather than force it, because if any of you have toddlers, which I do, you force them and they know how to push back. And so we’re trying to persuade the body so that we can all move towards a better outcome.

I’m Dr. Scott Brady here with Uplift Spinal Care, if you have any questions feel free to give me a call or shoot me a text.

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