Why Bad Structure Always Leads To Bad Function

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Here’s a brief thought about what really determines how your body works. How does your body function? What determines that? And I’m here to share that, if you’re asking me, it is structure. Structure determines function.

So, again, we did this recently, we’re going to talk about a car. If you think about a car and how it is put together, one piece fits into the next, and then it’s bolted here and it’s all screwed together, and welded, and you have this structure put together, and you put oil and gas in it and you push the peddle and it goes.

Now, if you were to change the structure and you were to loosen this here and shift that pipe there, and tack that together differently over here, it would change how the car functions. The improper structure would lead to improper function. And our body is absolutely the same way. You know we are talking about little bits of structure that have changed, and what is that going to do to you in the long run?

You know, again going back to the car. If you were to take a brand new car, some luxury car, a luxury sedan, and you’re going to shift this a few millimeters here and that part a few millimeters there, and then this part a few millimeters there, you do that enough, and you couldn’t even drive a brand new car off the lot.

And so that is exactly what our body is going through. We have little shifts, our body’s actually compensating much better than a car would. Little shifts in how our parts are fitting together and it will chug along, but it will wear out after time and things begin to hurt. But structure is absolutely what determines function.

And once you’ve got a proper structure, you absolutely need to be aware what are you putting into your body? And is that supporting your body? And perhaps what you’re putting into your body is part of what’s determining your structure. If you’re dealing with weight issues, or not enough healthy intake… But, the idea is that your body, with an improper structure, cannot function properly. And that is just true.

I’m Dr. Scott Brady with Uplift Spinal Care in Vernal. If you have any questions, feel free to give me a call or shoot me a text.

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