Your Health Sometimes Needs To Go To Bootcmap

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Hello, today I want to talk to you about what health and boot camp have to do with each other. You know, when people first come into the office, they are usually dealing with something that is chronic, something that has been hurting them for a long time, it was always this left shoulder, it was always that right hip. And the reason is because the body has been in a habit of doing certain things. Has been in a habit of sitting this way, or maybe it’s been in the habit of doing something funny like that. And it’s in little bits, but they’re just habits that the body has had and that’s why someone is hurting the same way for a long time.

So, when they first come in, we see them several times, and the reason is we are trying to change how that body wants to sit. So what does that have to do with boot camp? When you go to boot camp, they are going to wake you up early, they are going to wake you up in the middle of the night, they’re not gonna let you sleep in, they’re not gonna let you have the same leisure time you’ve had. You go to boot camp and it’s this intensive experience where they are shaking up these men and women’s routine so intensely that it’s kind of like cleaning the slate. “Okay, whatever you were used to doing during your day, forget it.”

And that’s part of the boot camp experience is being able to “reset” so that these men and women go on into the military and into different types of service, can then do what they need to in that capacity that they wouldn’t have been able to do before with their prior routines. So they have to “shake it up” so intensely that their body forgets all prior routine. And that’s largely what we do these first several weeks when I see someone in the office.

We are going to adjust them several times. Typically twice a week at the beginning. And the reason is we are trying to say nope, forget about that, your body’s over here and we say nope, forget about that. And we’re just trying to clear the slate so your body can reset to a better posture. And your body knows it. Your body is designed to heal and feel better, but we develop habits just like we do in our own personal lives, that at some point down the road, we don’t even realize anymore that it’s a bad habit until we have someone who will shake it up and help us reset.

So that is what health and boot camp have to do with each other. You often have to reset what your body is doing and really get it back to ground zero before it can start healing and feeling better.

I’m Dr. Scott Brady here with Uplift Spinal Care. If you have any questions, feel free to shoot me a text or give me a call.

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