First Visit (30-45 minutes)

During your first visit, we'll sit down so you can explain what you're dealing with, followed by a detailed exam to evaluate your posture and frame. If we find your frame has deviated from the proper, vertical position, then we'll go over how the adjustment works and proceed to give you your first correction.

After your first appointment, I will review your exam findings and what you shared, using that information to create a Case Evaluation for us to review together during our next visit.

Second Visit/Case Evaluation (20-30 minutes)

During our second visit, we will review your Case Evaluation together. It will go over:
1. What we need to do,
2. How we're going to do it, and
3. What the cost will be.
My goal during these first two visits is to be straightforward, transparent, and thorough so that you and I each know how our time together will proceed.

Subsequent visits (10 minutes)

We will analyze how well your body is readjusting and what adjustment needs to be made that day to further unwind and decompress your spine. Each time your spine is realigned it will better learn how to maintain that position and heal over time.